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Thread: Beautifull Day - Ugly Outcome

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    Beautifull Day - Ugly Outcome

    Out today on a nice piece of ground.. Not Arne.. i was hopeful of bumping into a nice white stag that im trying to get some pictures of..

    I will get em Mole..

    I managed to bump a couple of white hinds in a large group but not quick enough with the camera ..

    But sadly came upon this... There are six others like it within a 100 acres..

    So got to be a prolific poaching problem within these grounds..

    Sad to see a beautifull animal left to endure what must have been a slow agonising death

    Same piece of ground..

    It was an absolutely beautifull day and the sun was scorching here in Poole ..


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    looks like you have some good stock there Terry,shame about the poachers hopefully they will get there just deserts.
    Dont get me wrong i`m as much against poaching as the next man but if they were poaching to eat that is one thing but to leave a beast to die like that is another ,they deserve no better than castration from a slow moving vehicle balls tied to the towing hitch.

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    Hi terry this would been a better out come for your day

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    Nice Photo's . I have a question. How do you know this is the work of poachers? I remember many years ago after a very wet winter the deer,wild and park were found dead all over the place in southern England.
    Even the park deer that had been fed were dieing of exposure to the wet.
    Has it not been wet this winter as well? Would the poachers have not removed the carcases or trophy ?

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    This could also be the result of a 'new' stalker without a mentor!!
    I have come across such incidents that have been a result of the 'new' stalker saying "Oh I took a couple of shots but missed"
    Not being able to recognise reaction to shot!!
    It has been to my advantage on one or two occassions, I found the carcass within the hour!!
    But then again - it could be poachers not being able to find the carcass at night!!

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    E, I'm aware of where you are coming from with your post, but I think it might give the wrong impression to the casual visitor, that ALL stalkers when beginning to shoot deer, are totally without experience, many stalkers that may shoot only one or two deer in a year, can account for many other quarry animals, lots of these might even be taken during the hours of darkness. Some full time stalkers would probably not even approach the numbers of shots discharged by some shooters of vermin.

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    Re: Beautifull Day - Ugly Outcome

    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1

    It was an absolutely beautifull day and the sun was scorching here in Poole ..

    Well, it bloody well was not scorching here, look at this poor little sod


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    Great day here but really cold PS Peasant sniper could that animal not have died of natural causes. Looks to have been there a very long time easily from the rut.

    PS Finnbear most new chaps into stalking are crap there is no question about that. They get to excited and cause more runners than the London marathon.

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    In my experience, most vermin species are small and the slightest touch of a bullet, reasonably placed, will incapaciate it 99.9999% of the time.
    Deer can carry a big bullet through the heart if the adrenalin is up and an inexperienced Stalker could suspect a miss.
    I have seen this many times, particularly in the Doe season when a second animal is taken.
    That is not to say all new stalkers are that inexperienced in that they may have taken up stalking as a result of accompanying another stalker for years and are aware of reaction to shot and all the other principles of stalking.
    Of course the animal in PS's case may well have died of natural causes, a result of a car accident or as is suspected poachers, who knows without an autopsy under clinical conditions !!
    Terry did you take it home to have a good look at it I can imagine your Mrs coming home and finding it layed out on the sitting room floor or the kids being given a bit each and playing pin the rib/bone on the carcass

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    Deerstalker 2010
    Finnbear most new chaps into stalking are crap there is no question about that. They get to excited and cause more runners than the London marathon.

    I can tell from your post you are helpful and welcoming to new members of our sport

    Pheasent Sniper

    Came across this a couple of years ago BLOODY DISGUSTING what the photo does not show is the snare 10 feet above and behind the beast
    it was caught on its rear lower leg and probably took a very long time to die, judging buy the amount of swing and movement the beast made in its death throws. My family searched the woods and found 5 more snares set long ago, the hazel trees had grown around the snares and i think this animal was very unlucky to get caught whilst walking past

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