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Thread: The shape of guns to come ?

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    The shape of guns to come ?

    Thought this was just James Bond stuff but this exists now...

    Armatix iP1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It will probably be refined over time.
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    I think the general response of even moderate opinion to this was: "what's the point?"

    The RFID system may keep the gun from being misused by others, but it undermines the primary purpose of keeping a pistol in much of the world, especially the USA, namely self-defence. Clearly, if you keep a gun for defence you don't want it to become an inert lump of polymer/metal when you need it to protect life -yours or someone else's- just because you don't happen to be wearing the special watch, ring, etc. The only way to ensure it worked as needed would be to implant an RFID tag in the user, and that's too extreme for most people.

    For guns used solely for sporting purposes it could prove a useful safeguard against misuse, if the gun should fall into the hands of children or criminals, for instance, but as instant access is not relevant to sporting purposes, it makes little sense to buy a very expensive gun of an unusual type that will be kept in a safe anyway.
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    There is some debate about it over the pond.
    Same with engraving a gun's chamber so that as it fires it engraves the serial number onto the cartridge case....

    Smart Guns: Microstamping cartridges matters more, but NRA blocks it | New Republic
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    I think that is pretty much a dead issue here... Just one more hairbrained idea the anti-gun liberal crowd has cooked up. They have lots of ideas that sound good but don't work... A perfect example are the gun free zones... The lad that went on the rampage in the movie theater walked by 3 other theaters until he found on that said it was a gun free zone, to insure that no one would be able to defend themselves... The shootings at Fort Hood...gun free zone again... Sandyhook...gun free zone...

    How many of you saw the on the news where a nut case went into a huge shopping mall and pulled out a weapon and started shooting, and was stopped by a legally licensed handgun carrying citizen? My guess is you didn't hear about it because it didn't make national news, because the media doesn't want those stories out...

    They can diddle with the guns, safeties, micro imprints, what ever.... It is the nut behind the trigger that is the problem. Failure to prosecute and fully punish criminals for gun crimes is at the root of it..


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    It might work on a shooting range where the handguns can be hired out to visitors whilst limiting the obvious risk involved with that. Otherwise I think you have the age old problem, if someone really wanted to do harm to someone else then it is not very difficult to be creative about it and any inanimate object can become a weapon.

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