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Thread: something loose?

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    something loose?

    Hi folks,

    I'd appreciate thoughts on this:

    I have a Tikka T3 in .222. Scope (Leupold VX11 3-9 x 50) is mounted in Optilocks. Has been shooting perfectly.

    Set it down on bipod last night to have a look over the top of a small bank. Stupidly did not account for gravity, and rifle toppled over (went over on its side).

    A minute later, took a shot at a long range bunny (180 paces). Missed that bunny, but hit its friend 2 feet to the left.

    Subsequent tests revealed rifle now to be shooting a foot high and to the left.

    I think the knock it sustained when it toppled over accounts for this. However - it did not seem to be much of a knock. Does this indicate that something, somewhere, is looser than it should be? What are the most likely culprits?

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    some scopes just don't react well to knocks
    I fell on my .222 and Nikko sterling a couple of weeks back
    it took the full extent of my 14 [cough] stone ramming it into the ground

    was off up and right by 4 and 6" but once rezeroed it seems fine

    so long as it it repeatable zero then I put it down to the knock on the scope

    did the rifle shift in its bedding/stock?

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    It happens - at least it wasn't an embarrassing miss (say on a DSC2 stalk) or worse a wounded animal. It doesn't take much of a knock and that's why a rifle should be babied - always amazed by those who through their rifles around, in and out and of trucks etc as if it were a piece of scaffolding. It's a precision instrument and should be treated as such.

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    Could it be the N'ut behind the buttplate"

    Sorry, just couldn't resist


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    Some scopes will not take kindly to even a drop test for checking out if your safety is doing it's job, I have had three mishaps due to high winds, one cost me a stock replacement, I hasten to add the rifles were not charged/loaded at the time, but in all three cases the scopes were off, one Swaro & two Schmidts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    Could it be the N'ut behind the buttplate"
    I usually assume that's the problem anyway.

    However, 6 test shots confirmed this not to be the case!

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    So would people reckon it's internal to the scope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    did the rifle shift in its bedding/stock?
    I don't think so - and sincerely hope not, since I quite recently stripped it and then thoroughly tightened it all up again. If it's shifting after a small bump like that, then I have to do some real thinking.

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    IMHO the wisest action would be to remove scope, rings and the bases - Check scope tube isn't bent (vee block / roll test) or dinted under the rings - If no apparent scope damage can be seen / measured, clean rifle mounting areas, refit bases, rings & scope. Re zero and then see if it tracks properly by "shooting the box" - If it responds normally all good - If it won't track & repeatedly return to the zero or hold a consistent zero it may be bust inside & needs to be sent away for repair.
    Whilst the scope is off you should also check bedding & re-torque action screws.


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    Thanks for the replies folks.

    All sorted and shooting fine. Scope seems fine - must have moved in the mounts somehow. Astonishing how gentle a knock can put it out of alignment.

    In the course of solving this problem, discovered that even a .222 will ricochet on dry and rolled golf course fairway. Terrifying. All that stuff about backstops? Turns out they might have a point...

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