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Thread: multiple calibres in "one" rifle

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    multiple calibres in "one" rifle

    I'm considering buying a rifle that has the option of interchangeable barrels and thus calibres. Just wondering how people have got on with their forces and any issues they've had with it. I've already got the open ticket and main cals I'd want (possible additional for playing with targets).
    Whats your experience been?

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    I have one rifle with 4 barrels
    I complicated that by buying another very short barrel and then further still by buying another actioned/stock

    so long as you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to justification the rest is a simple admin issue at the FLO level

    all barrels and actions are listed separately with the exception of one that is assigned to the action as the "rifle"
    all other barrels are listed as "spare barrel"


    #12345 and #23456 - .22lr bolt action rifle
    #34567 - .17m2 spare barrel

    make sure the barrel is specified as a cartridge/calibre and the ammo allowance reflects the same denomination
    as I have two barrels which are the same "calibre" but not the same "cartridge" they initially only gave me an allowance for the more popular cartridge as someone made the assumption they were the same

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