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Thread: UKPC parking fines.

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    UKPC parking fines.

    Hi guys. A wee story and give me your thoughts

    as you know my daughter is severely disabled. And as such she has a blue badge and an adapted car,
    her badge is in for renewal and when this happens you have to send in the old one ( this can take upto 6 weeks)

    so susan took a photocopy and placed it in the car. Yesterday when shopping in tesco she returned to the car which was parked in a disabled space to find a female "warden" writing her a ticket for using a " forged" blue badge. Despite my child sitting in her wheelchair , adapted car etc the warden was having none of it leaving susan in tears at the side of the road. And a ticket for 80.

    Ive ve been to tesco who say its nothing to do with them and gave me a number , but when you call it it's an automated service for you to pay the fine

    I've been to the police who say there's nothing they can do , and it's probably better just to pay it 80!!!!!

    Nobody can can seem to give me a definitive on this. Lots of hearsay about just ignoring the demands


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    Go to the local press they just love stories like this.Maximum adverse publicity.

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    you have tried to deal with this (I hope you have records of letters , emails,calls) you have been to the police (I hope you have a record)

    you have done everything in your power it would seem and nobody seems to want to deal with this? I would in your position write to the relevant authority explaining why your not going to pay the fine and then sit back and wait for them to deal with it ? while I was at it I would complain about the wardens attitude ?

    it's clear you have a very good case , it's not like your daughter stops being disabled for the renewal FFS!

    my partner has a blue badge and it's a godsend for people of limited mobility.

    oh and the press would love this !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by morena View Post
    Go to the local press they just love stories like this.Maximum adverse publicity.
    Ditto .....TESCO will **** their pants with this kind on negative publicity.....AND the parking control firm will also **** their pants at the thought of TESCO not renewing their contract.



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    There must be some sort of appeal process. Get onto that and let them know you are for real, not one of those lazy dodgers.
    Also phrase it that you and your daughter are most upset etc and hint, just hint, that you will go public big time.
    Good luck with it.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    This is from first hand experience - UKPC can't enforce it, it is illegal up here in scotland. I have had 3 at the antonine centre up in cumbernauld. I never paid any and after a few letter of a lower fine which i didnt reply to they passed it on to a debt collection agency and again on lawyers advice i just ignored it,after a few letter they went away and i havent herd anything since. They cant enforce it as they cant prove whom was driving the car for all they know it couldve joe bloggs in your car and they are not the police so you are under no obligation to give them any info.

    Mines differed slightly as i was in a normal bay for more than the allowed 4 hours, not in a disabled bay but the same principles apply. Best thing is to just ignore them and they will go away - just my eperience and also a few work colleagues done the same. I also think if you did take it further you would have a much better case against them than mine which was just bad time keeping. Anyway i hope your daughter and wife are ok after the experience i cant stand the jumped up little traffic wardens!!!!!

    PS just for the record i had a black mark on my credit rating due to not paying this quick call to equifax sorted it out tho

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    its not hearsay - just ignore them.
    That is if the "warden" is only a UKPC and not a proper warden.
    Just google it - plenty of evidence out there.

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    I've tried to get in contact with UKPC but I can't actually speak to anybody. All the numbers I have called end up at the same place. Ie how to pay the fine.

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    do what I do with any organisation that you can't speak to , just ignore it and let them come to you , eventually they have to if they want your money even if it means a court visit ! and if you can show you tried to deal with it the court will look favourable on your position .
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    I've tried to get in contact with UKPC but I can't actually speak to anybody. All the numbers I have called end up at the same place. Ie how to pay the fine.
    Dont even call them brian they dont know who was driving the car so they dont know who to prosecute - they cant procecute the car!! we work with lawyers and they have looked into this in depth ukpc havent got a leg to stand on so dont give it a second thought they will just go away after a couple of letters - Unless of course you want to take the matter further due to there attitude which is very understandable in your case - in which case i still wouldnt call them i would go straight to the papers

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