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Thread: Is it me?!

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    Is it me?!

    This falls into the gurning and general slating category opposed to any sort of useful thread, but i feel i have to mention it. Been watching vids on youtube as i often do, coming across a lot of stalkers who are in the publics eyes through internet tv or having their own stalking outfits. I listen to them and watch what they do and see someone who isn't experienced, doesn't look to be at one with what they are doing and just doing things for the camera. Even then, when stated that they are doing best practise, do some interesting things with rifles which, if i were there would lead to a conversation at the least about their actions, best practise or not..

    Is it me, or does it seem that nowadays your ability seems to either be self professed by how good your website is or how good you can talk or what qualifications you hold (to a lesser extent)? Once upon a time i remember when your piers were the ones who would deem you any good or not.. not ab-initios in the sport or people who have done their DSC1 with you and sung your praises, after all, with all due respect, how accurately can a newbie, FNG or ab-initio gauge how good you are?

    Stalking in my eyes has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, with more dodgy characters wheeling and dealing than i've ever seen before, more people with a nano second of experience professing to be managers because they hold whatever DSC and more people selling their services through being (and i coin a phrase used by a colleague) a self-licking lollie pop. Its not just in the recreational area, but i hear and see this happening in the contracting world as well as professional guides.

    Dont get me wrong, the stalking world also has lots of good eggs in it, i've met some of them through this very site, but i also see some fonts of knowledge receding into their shells as their voices are drowned out by these self professed experts.

    Sounds grumpy doesn't it.. I wonder how many others see similar behaviour themselves...

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    No it's not just you at all I totally agree , sadly experiance counts for nothing to most stalker ex just bits of paper
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    People claiming to be experts if they have a certificate is not the fault of the qualification, it's the person. Stalking is no different from anything else where you can either gain from experience and/or qualification.

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    Totally agree with your comments at the top and I wont lie I get great pleasure out of watching some online clips etc but as stated, and its the way we are heading im afraid paper to prove everything IE DSC 1+2, then of course your advance deer managers courses and even in some aspect live capture courses, health and safety, 1st aid, Meat handling, Atv that's just to name a few next I can bet my life something is put into practise for shooting foxes because we are using High velocity rounds either in daylight but more so during the dark hours. don't get me wrong I am not shying away from any such course but its apparent this is the way forward and gone are the days of being shown methods of culling, gralloching etc and over time and several lessons from a self taught teacher would we be allowed the privilege of showing what information we had retained by proving in front the teacher you have learnt how to do certain task by carrying out the task under his supervision and not at 100`s of pounds

    Does that make any sense at all

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    Sort of.. To clarify though I have no problems with certification to do the job, in fact I can only see it as raising the minimum standard.. I think virbius hits the nail on the head is that basically it's the characters which you get in all walks of life..

    Just seems there's plenty of self professed experts in the stalking world.. And it grips my poo. I used to humour them, although I've lost my patience with listening to this drivel!

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    I totally agree with everything you guys are saying and im the 'new breed' of stalker with all the papers and not a vast amount of experience. Only been stalking for 3 years (other than air rifles and 22lr bunny bashing with father when i was young) still young-ish (31) and i have a lot to learn the level 1 & 2 definatly helped open doors for me to get into shooting - doors i dont think wouldve opened without the certificates, but when it comes to all aspects of stalking my father and the guys he has stalked with since before i was born would put me on the wrong bus every day of the week and most of them dont have level 1 or 2 and have no intention of ever getting it. I dont claim to be a know it all due to getting the dsc's but i really think its a good move for begginners.

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    Ok a question so if a person has been brought up all their life on a farm or gamekeeping or similar back ground that's have been shooting day in day out say for 40 years plus for some shooting deer, foxes etc etc what what benefit would DSC have for these, I don't mind as ive completed all the training I require
    and enjoyed and learnt something

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    Speaking as one of the new breed of stalkers, I found DSC1 invaluable, simply because I didn't know any stalkers or anyone who stalked and that was the only way in which I could learn the basics from someone who knew what they were talking about, because you can only go so far with books and forums. Same as I approach anything else I want to learn, really: buy some books, do a proper course, find some people to teach you. But it was only a start, obviously. I've learned much more from my various guides subsequently. But it was an excellent place to start from. And yes, it was clearly instrumental on the no-quibbles granting of an FAC from the Met Police. It just sort of answered their question before they had to ask it.

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    Same thing here in the states. If you are photogenic, and can sell product, you can have a show. Then once you have your show, you start getting special deals or access to properties so that you can shoot the big ones. If you do something bad, you sweep it under the rug - no need to worry about losing your show.

    There was a local guy that has gone on and made to the big time, has his own TV show and spends a lot of time in Africa. On one of these hunts he "accidentally" shot the PH through the shoulder with a big rifle. Fortunately no one died, but he still has his show. I cannot quite fathom that?

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