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Thread: Arktis / Country covers clothing is Rolls Royce kit !!!

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    Arktis / Country covers clothing is Rolls Royce kit !!!

    Just wanted to say how pleased i am with the several bits of clothing i now own, that i bought from them over the last few years.
    Been out on the moors in snow, if i had not had this clothing i would have been a tad under the weather.
    Not the cheapest but Very Very good
    Ex mob guys also say good things about there kit
    The lady on the stall is lovely, they travel round the shows over the summer.
    If you see the stall and need some clothing give them a try, they will post to you.
    If you are down axminster call in to them

    Regards TH
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    I own 3 x CC jackets (.....I presume everyone else's wives also think that they have too many shooting jackets? try explaining to 'em that they are all for different things.....), and they are all fab (.....with a nod of thanks toSD member Private Fraser at this point; I bought one of my jackets off him, it was exactly as described, arrived immaculately packed, fitted perfectly and was spot on for what I was after ). I also own a mammoth top which I bought from CC to go to Finland 18mnths ago. Very toasty.

    I've bought at shows and at the showroom; on each occasion, I've explained what I wanted the garment for, and have been advised on what would be best for my needs - not tried to be sold the most expensive or 'end of range, need to shift it'.

    Would thoroughly recommend. Wish I'd bought one a looong time ago instead of some of the other jackets that I've had.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I have a CC Field Smock which I really rate. Very good in inclement weather with an excellent hood and seems pretty breathable. Only think it was missing was something to stop the zip catching your stubble but a bit of old fleece sorted that out.

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    Ive only heard good things about Country Covers also.

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    Also got the smock which is superb; were happy to alter to my requirements before I took delivery for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    top class kit have the trousers and they are excellent. next jacket will def be one of theirs.

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    They may well be at Bisley this Weekend as per the last 5 years at least but best check first.

    Rather fancy a smock in Polish woodland camo. Apprently Milk Maids go mad for it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    They may well be at Bisley this Weekend as per the last 5 years at least but best check first.

    Rather fancy a smock in Polish woodland camo. Apprently Milk Maids go mad for it.

    Mmmmmmmm milk!!!

    I have the stalker smock and it's the best jacket I've owned in my short shooting life, although as has been said it nips the old stubble!! Good tip with the fleece, I'll try that meself!!
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    Same here, it does nip the stubble! All in all a great jacket, even better when treated with TX Direct!

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