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Thread: best calibre for hares

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    best calibre for hares

    The farm where I stalk is absolutely over-run with hares, and the farmer has asked me to make a plan to get them under control. It's not really what I'm about, but the stalking on his ground is so good that I want to be seen to making an effort. I use a .243 for deer, and imagine that this is pretty OTT for hares, so am looking for some help with the right calibre (and rifle). I'm relatively new to shooting, so any responses in plain English would be very much appreciated!


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    shame to shoot them really but needs must by the sound of it ?

    22lr/17hmr or my favourite 22wmr will all work , you need to adjust your range to the calibre your using.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    A lot of folk feel the same about shooting hares, myself included.
    Something odd about them, only shoot if have too.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I've never shot a hare, because I fluffed the only chance ever had to. It's a shame as they are fantastic eating. I've been stalking in a few places that have quite a lot of them around, and I always think it's strange how they are pretty much the most sought-after small game species in France, and in the UK, no-one's very interested at all.

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    If you just need to kill them, anything from a 22 Hornet and up will obviously get it done. If you want them for the pot or game dealer, a 22wmr or Hornet would be the best bet I think.

    I hate to shoot them and just don't, though the numbers are much higher in East Anglia than anywhere else I have ever seen.

    I wouldn't use a 17hmr on a rat.......

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    They are out of season up here but I would use my 22lr and in the lamp , we have a license on one field and thats what i did but none there but some lovely pairs on our hill ground and it is lovely to see them as I really dont like shooting them

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    Calibre for hare (rifle) depends on the type of ground you are shooting on. If the fields are less than 150/170 yards across, I'd recommend .22 long rifle (subsonic) with a moderator - same as for bunnies. You would be able to reach 2/3rd the way across from either side - Subsonic .22LR will kill a hare at 100 yards but the loopy trajectory makes it difficult above that range.
    You can use high velocity .22 LR to reach out that bit further - You get better knock down on hares with those too.
    If the fields you shoot on are larger & the hares more than 100 yards away you may be better with a 22 Hornet, or one of the dreaded (due to a history of ammunition issues) .17 calibres. (I don't like those but that's just me)
    The trouble with anything with supersonic ballistics is the noise issue. All supersonic bullets make a loud crack that can scare away all the other hares / bunnies so that you are less likely to get more than one or two in one area at the same time.
    I'd recommend you get a .22 LR or 22 Hornet bolt action rifle with a moderator, - not a semi auto as they are noisier (action clatter), more likely to give reliability problems, are fiddly to clean, and encourage trigger happy waste of ammunition.
    .22LR is the cheapest to feed and you can choose quiet subsonic or noisy high velocity ammo.

    Happy plinking!

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    My preferred way to shoot hare is walk up with a shotgun. We used to do this all the time when we where kids, just had 3 or 4 of us in a straight line walking the fields. Up and down all day...! Brings back some wonderful memories...!

    Sounds like you just need to get the farmer happy so you need to use whatever you got to do the job. .22lr /17hmr / hornet/ they will all do what needs to be done ... Shame though.!
    UK Guy

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