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Thread: Zeiss ZF4/S, Mint Condition

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    Zeiss ZF4/S, Mint Condition

    Hi All,

    I know things have moved on in the world of sights in the last 50 years but Iíve got a Zeiss ZF4/S Aus Jena. I need the cash to fund a new rifle and wondered if anyone might be interested.

    I consider it to be in mint condition with the only damage to the paint being on the elevation adjustment screw slot, the glass is in perfect condition.

    It also still has itís mounting rail which a lot Iíve seen donít have, the rail would fit a 20mm - 17mm or 18mm - 15mm dove tail depending on whether you measure the widest or narrowest point if that makes sense (it came of a CZ 601 if that helps).

    It's one of those strange things that is hard to value due to it's limited appeal, but with the optics being the quality they are and the condition it's in I reckon £150 plus p&p would be fair, please pm me if you want any other information.

    Many thanks,


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    Jim, you have a PM. Chris.

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    Now sold pending the usual,


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