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Thread: Schmidt & Bender Hungarian 8x56 Rifle Scope

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    Schmidt & Bender Hungarian 8x56 Rifle Scope

    Hi all. I am wanting to purchase the above scope but can anyone tell me is there a difference in build quality and performance between the German and Hungarian models?

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    No difference as far as I'm aware, I had one of the above in Hungarian model and it was faultless. Don't think the German is worth the extra money tbh.

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    I had the same dilemma and when i emailed S&B they said all the components are the same but labor costs are cheaper in Hungary. Same guarantee and no difference when looking through them. I now have 2 Hungarian ones

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    I have one and its never been a problem. The build quality is great and I can't think why I would ever need to pay the extra for the German made model.

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    Hopefully the Hungarians are creating their own research and development group so when the Germans can no longer afford to develop scopes for someone else to produce they will pick up the ball and run with it...


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    Buy the Hungarian one and save yourself some cash or buy the German one if you want to look "superior"
    The difference can be reduced to these three words "Made in Germany" or "Made in Hungary" Quality control in both production facilities ill be EXACTLY the same.

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    Is it like having a skoda octavia or a vw passatt? I don't know, I have the German model, but then I also have the vw!

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    I have four now no fuss no frills glass all Hungarian klassics like em .

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    I have a Hungarian scope and a Hungarian dog and would not swop either for a German make

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    I have one on my .243, absolutely love it. Only difference between the German made S&B is the price in my opinion! Good fixed power scope, did the job for me even out in South Africa. If you get one you won't be disappointed
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