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Thread: WANTED blue optis

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    WANTED blue optis

    PLEASE Anyone got any LOW Blue Optilok Rings and Bases 30mm for sale for Tikka T3 please pm me any info thanks in advance, atb Doug, ANYONE? theres a lovely 223 in wood waiting for some jewelry thanks for looking,
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    , I still need 30mm rings Low Blue, I have the bases,Cheers,
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    , Anyone got a set of Tikka 30mm Blue Low Rings , I have the bases,Thanks doug,
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    have you not got sorted with those tikka 30mm low rings yet? answer no,not yet,hmmmmm

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    bump no not yet 30mm low optis blue anyone,

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    ebay if urgent....

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    not paying those prices paul, only 80quid new

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    Try here Ivythorn sporting steve is very good he usually as second hand ones in
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    got med's only
    thanks paul,o they could be to big there for a 8x56 cheers anyway atb doug, thanks to paul o ithink i should be sorted cheers everyone,doug,
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