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Thread: Pine Marten's first trophy for the wall!

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    Pine Marten's first trophy for the wall!

    Well here it is at last, helped along by the last two days' sunshine, the muntjac buck that I shot a couple of months ago with Willie_Gunn. Thanks very much to Redlab for the shield!

    Now to negociate a spot on the wall...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Now to negociate a spot on the wall...
    Put it up when Mrs Pine Marten is out and then see how long it takes her to spot the new addition. When she does, tell her it's been there ages

    You've done a lovely job with preparing that skull - the dark shield really sets it off a treat.
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Give it to Mrs Pine Marten as a gift - then she can't throw it out! Convince her a Mounted Muntjac head is a traditional countryside wedding anniversary gift.

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    Actually, I enlisted the help of Young Pine Marten this morning to give her a present: it's all about presentation! As regards the trophy, I've been leaving it around the place a bit to build familiarity with it. She doesn't seem to mind it anymore. So this evening I'll put it up on the wall above the Errol Flynn/Robin Hood photo. She's from deepest, muddiest Normandy, and can't be easily fooled as regards what traditional rural gifts may be. Especially not by a city bloke like me. Although admittedly I'm not a typical urban type.

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    Well done PM! Be sure to write the details, date and place etc on the back of the shield so you don't get them muddled in the future. Since moving South, my "Wall of De*th" (as my dear wife referred to it) has somewhat been reduced but it's important to have some on the wall. She has even come to like them now in smaller numbers. We actually both have our favourite reds and favourite sikas up in pairs in different rooms but I keep the sikas a healthy distance apart because although they have the same number of points, hers makes mine look categorically small!

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you add a Roe to the wall after our trip in July!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foss View Post
    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you add a Roe to the wall after our trip in July!
    Thanks Foss! I look forward to it too. I really must book that B&B.

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    Nice job, well done.

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    There we go, it seems fitting somehow.

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