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Thread: hodgdon H4895

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    hodgdon H4895

    i am off next week but have been requested no to use my normal ammo hornady 95SST as they don't like ballistic tips i have found some hornady 100BTSP interlocks in the back of the cupboard. i have a 1lbs tub of hodgdon 4895 but i cant find my book any one have starting point?

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    My book says 36gr max for 2940fps and 47,000 CUP pressure, but the Hodgdon website says 33gr max now for 2818fps and 50,100 CUP. My book is by ML McPerson and is a few years old. Haven't used it so can't comment. Someone here is bound to have used H4895. Good luck.
    SSTs are tougher than Nosler ballistic tips - at least for me.

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    I have used and load for a friend in .243 using hornady 100BTSP interlocks with 34gns of H4895.
    My mate swears by that load and accounts for quite a few Deer so if it suits your rifle then that is about right.
    His rifle is a HOWA stainless and I've used them in a Remm 700 Bdl.

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    Hodgson powders


    Try this manual on line or

    and go to data page.


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