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Thread: Logs or Pellets

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    We are going to embark on purchasing a burner but as the title states we cannot decide between getting a traditional log burner, or one that burns pellets, what is the general feeling between the two with all those that have burners.


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    It depends on your storage capacity I would say. My parents have a monster log burning boiler but also have a firewood business. It takes half a lorry load of softwood per year to burn so is pretty cheap to run. It heats a 200 year old stone built eight bedroom house. Takes a hell of a lot of storing the wood though.

    i can't see the point in pellets for anyone who can use logs. They just have to be more expensive because they're more processed.
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    Pellets have more energy per mass.
    Because of this they are easier to handle and take less space to store for the same amount of heat energy required.

    Buy a pallet of pellets this time of year and you will get a good deal.

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    Just a side note, but it is actually slightly cheaper burning wood than using electricity to heat the house.
    That is providing you get a good stove.
    You need efficiency of at least 75% to achieve this mind.

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    Food for thought, we are thinking of getting the burner to also heat our water, I am being swayed towards pellets, less work and easier for the better half when I am away back at my work. Just though I would ask for the view of others.


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    Try the following links for further info.

    Scale, budget & fuel availability would all affect the choice

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    Are you buying the wood or do you get it and chop it up yourself. I tend to get my wood free so I chop it and it costs me time and fuel for the chainsaw. Pellets I would have to buy.
    regarding efficiency of a boiler from what I can see there is no standard test for boiler efficiency so manufacturers can claim unrealistic efficiencies. A coal wood burned will be less efficient with wood etc etc.
    there is also the renewables thingie where they will pay you money over time but having had a quote for 15k to install solar panels and a woodburner I decided to do it myself for half the cost and not bother claiming the money back.
    anybody want to help me install the solar thermal in a few weeks cos I haven't got a clue. Lol.
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    We went from an old log burning stove with a back burning and it was an system to a pellet boiler which was put in with a new hot water tank and rads in every room, it works like any other boiler on a timer and thermostat with separate hot water system and only needs to be serviced yearly like any other.
    thought I might miss the old logs burning in the living room and having to light it when I come in just to keep warm...!
    On the plus I have just started my third pallet of pellets @ 230 per ton
    Next door house which is the same as ours has used about 800 of oil in the same period.
    I think I made the right choice, also the guvnor gets a grant for fitting it over o.

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    Pellet burner (biomass) qualify as renwable and as such, are eligible for RHI payments.
    Log burners are not, unless it is a dedicated log gassification boiler.

    Pellet (biomass) burners are a damn sight more expensive, both to fit and to run.

    I went for a log burning stove and a thermal solar panel to heat my water.

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    Pellet (biomass) burners are a damn sight more expensive, both to fit and to run.[/QUOTE

    Very true but the money we got back brought it to about the same as fitting on oil fired burn.
    so price wise about the same and at least 30% cheaper to run.

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