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Thread: Fox cub comes close and then gets lucky!

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    Fox cub comes close and then gets lucky!

    Took a stroll in the field at work this evening with the hounds and had one of life's good little experiences. Made a nice finish to a long day.

    I wasn't exactly camouflaged standing in the open in my white shirt. squeaked the little chap across the paddock until I got my phone out then I though I would squeak him again and see what happened! I could have stood on it and as for my stupid dog.... why is it always looking the wrong way?!
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    Ha! That's a cracking video.
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    i would have given you a fiver if you would have grabed it

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    Enjoyed your video. Thanks.

    Its one of those situations that had you not recorded it, folk wouldn't believe how close it came to you and almost ran into the dog as well.

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    Cool video. I did the same thing a few years ago. I had the sun behind me but spotted a fox 100 yds distant on my ground. I had my dog with me and got him to sit at my feet whilst I gave the fox a squeak. As luck would have it he came into about 15 yds before both fox and terrier tore off into the woods, priceless.

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    Great vid pal,they may be pests but they are still great to see.

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    that is awesome!
    luckiest fox ever!

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    Fantastic video. Is that a German Wire Hair Pointer?
    If so that is one lucky fox cub. .

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