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Thread: What's it worth

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    What's it worth

    HW80k with Tasco 3-9 x40 scope and Weobley silencer, both in well used condition, blueing going on rifle and scratches on scope. All pre 1990. Just been serviced and all working ok.

    I have a mint 77k, which I have owned from new. Always fancied an HW80, but do not need, just want. A new one is just over 300.

    Thoughts appreciated.

    Apoligies for not being stalking related, just not a member of those other sites.

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    Hi bob , as you no the pcp arrival has made springers not as sought after , they was the gun of there time , but now not that appealing for a hunter , heavy gun and heavy recoil , I would value the 80 at 100 ish , the 77 150 ish , if I was selling them that would be a price I would be happy with , good luck , arron.

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