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Thread: DSC2 and gralloch knife

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    Question DSC2 and gralloch knife


    Is the use of wooden handled knife for the field gralloch a "fail" when completing a DSC2 stalk ?

    Cheers & ATVB

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    As has been pointed out many times on this site you cannot fail level 2 all you can do is not reach the required level of competence. What I would be looking for is the use of a clean knife (not contaminated from previous use). If your woodened handled knife was clean I cannot see a problem.

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    wooden handle should be fine, just dont stick the blade in the ground while not in use and if you contaminate the blade/handle with gut content etc give it a clean with a sterile wipe bfore you commence the rest of the gralloch.

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    +1 On the other comments Id like to see the knife clean before use and wiped down with a sterile wipe after use. If you have to lay the knife down during the gralloch lay it down on a sterile surface.


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    Apologies for any confusion caused....

    I should just clarify.....I do not have any issues at all and have not started my DSC2 yet...But have the portfolio.

    I was just browsing the net and saw someone state that a wooden handled knife was a "fail". This was news to me as I thought it was acceptable
    as long as it was clean and cleaned during operation or if came into contact with the ground etc....

    Cheers Chaps.

    Best regards.

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    Per Gazza's response, for the field gralloch it should be a knife that is easily cleanable. BASC use the phrase "a serviceable knife of appropriate design", which I think sums it up nicely.

    For the larder it's different - one of the multiple choice questions in the DSC1 question bank for Large Game is on the handle material - the choices are wood, plastic, glass and soft rubber.
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    That was my thinking regarding the larder and then the comment I read caused a moment of doubt !!!

    Once again - thank you.

    Cheers + ATVB

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    get a 10 mora from bushwear and you cant go wrong, plastic handle plastic sheath (nothing wrong with a clean wooden handle) but if your worried about it there is the cheap soloution

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    Lightyear, you are near me, I can probably help you with level 2.

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    I did mine with a wooden handled knife

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