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    Dose any one know any one in Ireland breeding teckels from hunting lines

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    Hi don't know of anyone in Ireland but I'm hoping for a litter out of my working teckles soon she should be coming in season this month hopefully.I am in south east scotland I no it's not Ireland but they are good workers .just get back to me if you interested.

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    Thanks will that in mind

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    Hi do you work your dogs are do you have a website or photos and more information available?

    Thanks, Tom

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    Hi Tom they hunt most things I mostly hunt them free but also work them on a line .I'm a keeper so use them on most things from stoats to Fox and deer .l use them for most jobs even dogging in the pheasants as good as a spaniel .If you want to know anything else just get in touch.

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    would be interested as well if you breed . Are they from imported lines ?

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