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Thread: Nobel powders

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    Nobel powders

    hI all first question does powder have a shelf life ive recently been given a load of powder its nobel powder numbers 0,1,2,an 3 in sealed tins tins all look ok no rust or nothing i recon if i can find some reloading data for these powders for a 22/250 then ive enough to do me for ever,

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    If the seals are intact, the powders have a good chance of being viable still, a smell of pear drops (sort of) will give a clue, but you will need to properly identify the grade on the tins against the old loading data, this will be out there on the web somewhere, try Steve.

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    Hi. I've got the old data manuals for Nobel powders in the Kent office somewhere.
    Happy to scan the relevant pages for you when I next get down there.
    It's good powder and will be absolutely fine to use. I still use it from old stocks. If you are not certain of it please keep it sealed and I will buy from you. Can't buy any that are unsealed.
    Any you don't want let me know!! Otherwise enjoy. Lucky sod!
    Best, Craig

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    I think that just about sorts you out Mac!!!

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    hi finbear

    Yes recon im sorted if any one wants some nobel PISTOL powder numder 2 ive a couple o tins o that that i wont use oo can you post powder ie royal mail,,free to a gd home,cheers mac

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    Don't think PAT, or his black & white cat would go for that in a big way!

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    I used to use shotgun powder for reloading pistol bullets so it would seem logical that pistol powders could be used to load shotgun cartridges, if anybody does that these days!!
    I still have a batch of .243 loaded with Rifle No 1 and a bit of powder still in a tin, so one day that will be an exercise in 'playing on the range' one day.

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    Used to use Pistol 3 I think it was for Martini .310 Cadet so the unwanted pistol powders might suit pistol cartridge carbines or old cartridges.
    Will check the Nobel books when I'm back.

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    nobel powders

    LOL ive got a load o shotgun powder to ,Im getting a bit worried now is there a limit to the amount of powder you can keep in your house,,

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    I've dug out my old Nobel guide circa around 1982 and this is what it shows-

    EDIT- well it would show if the table wasn't jumbled up by this poxy system when I tried to send it. I will send it as an attachment to an email if I can have your email address by private message.

    It also shows some loads for cast bullets using Revolver 1.

    Don't forget that Nobel produced pistol powders also and the numbering system was similar, could prove costly if you used pistol instead of rifle.

    I used to use a lot of Nobel powders in both rifle and pistol. We used to buy boxes of tins in the shotgun powders at the pistol meetings at Bisley and sell them through the club. If my memory is correct a pound of Shotgun 80 worked out at around 7 a tin. I wish it was still that price. Slightly dirty but gave excellant results in pistols.
    The rifle powders were also my favourite in the .270 and .308, a lot cheaper than U.S. powders and superb results. About 20 a tin I think?

    I wish they were all still available.

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