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    I bought this range finder for 285 from uttings about 1 year ago and i can honestly say it is worth every penny. The image through lens is first class you can get away without using Binoculars. Accuracy is spot on I measured it up against a 55yard tape; it actually reads eg. 45.3yards spot on. Also you can put the reticule on a rabbit say 35yards away keep finger on button if rabbit moves the distance goes up or down depending on which way rabbit goes.

    I have used this range finder to accurately shoot targets at 300+ yards using my .223 rifle. It is absolutely accurate and deadly when combined with a phone app which will calculate your clicks to distance for you such as Strelok+

    I will no doubt buy another one in the future but unfortunately due to some employment issues i need to sell some of my kit and this is the bit that is a bit of a luxury item i could live without and therefore has to go before i start considering other things such as scopes or guns.
    Below you can see the advert from Uttings,

    I am asking 175 for it inc p&P, i think its worth it. You will never need another range finder ever again.
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    Is this still for sale? If so I'll take it at that price. Just let me know how you want paying.

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    PM sent , sold pending payment

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    Sold to Larwiswar

    many thanks

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