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Thread: Best stalking rifle under 3k

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    Best stalking rifle under 3k

    Hi guys,

    just wondering what what your thoughts are on the best standard factory stalking rifle under 3k? Think I'm going the blaser route (sorry to bring it up AGAIN lol) but is there anything else in that price range I should have a look at? Im taking another rifle on a customising journey so wanting a nice high end factory stalker for my 243 (possibly 6.5x55 but that's another dilemma lol)

    cheers bb

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    You'll not get anything more practical, sensible and easier to live with in the real world than the Blaser plus it will shoot any ammo you put into it better than you will and you can put it in something almost the size of a brief case to travel with it. Sauer make much better looking rifles though, certainly the nice wood ones, but that does away with some of the practicality.
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    ive also been thinking of blaser latley only ever shot the tactical version and liked the straight pull design. i would have to get my hands on one as i despise hollow polymer flexible stocks and nice wood is wasted on me. The grs version looked tasty but swillington are charging 1800 alone for the stock so think ill stick to a little turn in the bolt for that money

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    I like sako but Sauer s202 take down range like the 458 lott hatari if only the lotto came in

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    Sold my r93 and got a r8 success didn't want to part with r93 but it was the good wood model and was always scared of marking it, now I have the r8 wouldn't part with it

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    Browning A-Bolt, This should be adequate for anything in the UK.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    Sold my r93 and got a r8 success didn't want to part with r93 but it was the good wood model and was always scared of marking it, now I have the r8 wouldn't part with it
    how do you find the stocks are they hollow and flexible or have the feel of a good composite

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    +1 for the Blaser.

    I have an R93 synthetic in .243 & .22-250 in match profile with a JetZ mods and a 9.3 x 62 for boar. Shoots like a dream and I'm not frightened of scratching it or getting it wet!

    I have a wood stocked Sauer 202 in .25-06 but I'm reluctant to thread the barrel for a mod (spoiling its looks!) and I have kittens everytime i nick it on a bramble or a it stays at home in the cabinet!

    I know the Blaser is born of the spawn of the Beelzebub but they dont half do the job, are lightening quick once you have mastered the safety and the straight pull and so easy to change calibres.

    If you are thinking of fitting a mod, consider the recoil reducer in the stock as it helps balance the extra barrel weight.

    Also consider the Sako 85 or the Browning X-Bolt

    Ps The other "advantage" of the Blaser with its separate action and barrel number is that it doesnt half confuse Plod, HM Customs and those erstwhile Customs officials in far off lands!!!

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    I have a Blaser R93 tac, and on the evidence of the performance and build quality of that I'd certainly recommend the R8 as a stalker. The professional success is all the gun you will ever need.

    Shouldn't this be in the Rifles section, not equip an accessories?
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    Quality for the money

    6.5 x55 sako 85 in wood, Had one for a couple of years now, it's been through hell and water a few times and still shoots clover leaf, I can honestly say it has been faultless, wouldn't swap it, in fact have just purchased same rifle in .308 cal got that for 1200 quid brand new in box, really pleased

    really good build quality,

    good luck


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