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Thread: How long to wait

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    How long to wait

    A question to those who take out paying deer stalking clients. How long would you give a client before leaving the agreed meeting site, and, would you leave without ringing the client on his mobile? I will give my reason for asking but no further info at present. A while ago I thought our meet was at 06.15 but was there at 06.03. I waited until 06.45 before making contact with the stalker and was told the meet was at 05.45 and as I didn't show he left and never contacted clients for any reason when late, he then demanded the days fee, he had previously commented on what he would do if clients refused to pay fees, serious consequence's I thought involving the Police.

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    In this day and age of text/phone there is no reason why a stalker taking out clients shouldn't :-
    a/ Text the day before or the morning of to confirm time, place and attendance
    b/ Be able to contact you if you are perceived as 5-10 mins late to ascertain if you are en route or have been "unavoidably" detained.
    If there is a genuine reason for the client being late I would ring
    Mind you some people take the attitude that if they were a train or a plane then they will depart at the given time....
    I would hazard to suggest that if he hasnt taken all reasonable steps to advise you of the time of the appointment be it text email or in writing then he would be very hard pushed to prove that it was your fault alone getting the wrong time.
    I suppose it depends whether you wish to use his services again!
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    Sounds like blackmail. Name and shame the ****!
    Atb steve

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    Was it supposed to be 1 to 1 guided stalking? or was it a group thing with other folks involved?

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    Personally I'd have waited. What else would he go off to do, having already set aside the time for a client?
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    Tell him to do one, and name and shame him so the rest of us will avoid him like the plague.

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    05.45 to 06.03 is not that long to wait, (for someone that
    is a little bit late) and should have been met by the stalker in question. Also a text would have been sent if the person had any brain!!


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    If you provide any sort of service, communication is key. If there's a problem of some sort and there's a means of contact, then why wouldn't you use it? To make a rule that you never contact clients when they're late is dumb (dumb means stupid and being unable to speak, incidentally).

    Of course this is one side of a story. We all know what happens when people go off half cocked not knowing everything, as seen on other threads on here. Just a warning, gentle folks!

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    Guide needs to put his seat back and relax for little while. Clients are sometimes late......and so are guides.
    Been there, done that.
    Don't use him again and send him one of those cushions for having a nap in the car while your waiting for someone
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