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Thread: CBR swingers...Q.

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    CBR swingers...Q.

    My two year old Chessie will no be shown anymore or bred with so what are the benefits or disadvantages of having him de-jingled?
    He is 32kg and what will the whole shebang (oops) cost?

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    I presume you mean castrated?! Not heard de-jingled before!
    Pro - No testicular cancer (rare),
    Lower risk prostate hypertrophy (non cancerous) or anal adenoma (tumours around anus that grow and bleed but don't spread). You'd treat both by castrating the
    affected dog.
    Some behavioural improvements, but these are too variable to be certain about, although if your dog is one of the ones who loses all brain power with a bitch in heat, it
    will help
    Con - Some coat changes are occasionally seen
    Weight gain is more likely as they eat more, so just be sensible and it won't be an issue

    Hope that helps. Cost - you'd have to ask your practice but 32kg takes a lot of anaesthetic (and lifting) but 150 might be ball (sorry) park

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