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    JMT Oban Times

    Has anyone a copy of the John Muir Trust article in the Oban Times
    I have no access to the paper but am told it gave an insight into what they think of the local DMG and benefits of deer to the local economy.

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    Maybe copy of this and other stuff should be sent to your local MSP.s or MP As this will become common place should the legislation get rubber stamped.

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    Why would you copy this or anything remotely like this and sent it to your MP it has been shown by MP's a like there not interested in things like this no matter how PC it is or not for that matter.

    The Forestry Commission never done anything illegal, they shot the deer on there ground and thats what you'll be told ,all reports of this type do is sell newspapers .

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    Don't be to sure of that Widows Son, I remember the seal cull in Orkney, they got some high profile pop stars and a couple of good speakers on their side and the Norwegians who were to do the cull were chased back to Norway. They got such a fright that Orkney is nearly sinking under the weight of seals.

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    Seals don't eat trees , which are public money at the end of the day, if the populous where to get a break down of the cash from the public purse we'd have nothing left in the countryside .

    Especially if the current mob of Muppet's in Westminster have there way .

    There are Deer being found dead all over the Highlands at this moment, which were on open hill deer forests, which we'll see the impact of in the next two years ,this still won't stop the commission managing the forests the way the have and will always do , the deer at the end of the day were looking for food and shelter, as all hill animals do including sheep which eat trees also ,but they won't shoot them because they belong to someone where deer belong to no one untill there dead .

    It is a sad state of affairs which will always happen as does Seal culling .

    To reiterate you'll be told the Deer were or are damaging trees which are public money and the had to be dealt with in this manner to stop further damage occurring.

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    Don't eat trees, no but they eat fish """""
    You and I don't eat trees, but we eat fish.....see what I mean. Don't give up there must be a Joanna Lumley out there for us

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