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Thread: Quality European Scope

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    Quality European Scope

    Hi Guys,

    I'm still looking for a quality scope (a few deals fell through) for my new rifle (when i decide what im getting) I'm looking for swaro, s&b, zeiss, kahles the usual suspects, may consider meopta and ior also. Not looking for a fixed 6 or fixed 8 but would consider anything else. Pm me with anything intersting.

    Cheers BB

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    hi i halve swarovski 6x24x50 target turrets v.g.c if interested

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    hi did not send photos it is fine reticule 700pounds
    cheers robert

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    What's the cross hair like at dusk and dawn and in the lamp? Is it really fine? Would it be a struggle to see at last light?

    cheers rob

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