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Thread: Taurus L/B Revolver

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    Taurus L/B Revolver

    Hi all

    My Taurus L/B Revolver.. Complete with Tasco pro Point, Carrying case and 200 rounds of mixed .38 and .357 Magtech - S/B with FMJ and semi wadcutter..


    Any questions feel free to PM me


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    Who supplies the hacksaw ?? go ahead punk make my day....

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    I think theres a lot on here that arent used to a bit of length

    Dont be frightened.. you can hold it with both hands

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    I actually had the 22r/f 357 & 44 taurus, great fun on the range, if only i could have used a full load anyone wanting the experience is second to none ... You feelin luck punk

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    Okay boys..

    Im prepared to lop a couple of inches off for the limp wristed amongst us

    Could be prepared to do a deal on some stalking

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