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Thread: Courteney Boot proofing

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    Courteney Boot proofing

    Advice please,
    I have a pair of Courteney Boots very quite, extremely comfortable, But and a big but, what ever I try it will not make them water proof,
    Tried Nikwax, dubbin, saddle soap, there own leather feed, and others,
    So is anybody with a similar issue and can you advise on some homemade magic potion I would be so happy. I know goose fat works but donít really want to use that.
    Note the boots are not lined which I know is likely to be the problem.



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    Neatsfoot Oil and a wee paint brush is all I use and I've had these Raichl all leather mountain boots for perhaps 8 years, more maybe with one resole. Soaks in and stays in.

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    They might never be waterproof....even the thick leather mountain boots suffer in this country.

    Try warming them up before applying nikwax as this will allow better absorbtion, then buy some sealskin socks and thin wool liners....this should keep your feet warm and reasonably dry.

    Having said that if your boots let water pour in I reckon they not up to wet weather so get some meindls or the like and save your Courteneys for fine weather.


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    yep, some boots will never be waterproof, but if you think it's just the leather and seams leaking then you should be able to fix that. My grandfather used seal oil for waterproofing with mutton tallow on top, but you could smell him coming a mile away!

    It's effing annoying when you do find a really good pair of hill boots and all is going well until the eyelets / hooks pop out as the cheap little pin underneath rusts away. The neatsfoot really sinks in and stays in. Love the stuff.

    PS just looked at the Courtney boots on Westley Richards website. They're expensive, but don't look that sturdy or weather tight.

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    Thanks Mauser, scotpine.
    I will give neatfoot oil a go, but its looking like water proof socks,



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    I recommend black isle boots if you want to buy a new pair

    Black Isle, great from out of the box
    I took mine out of the box and went beating on a grouse day, they were fine
    2 Years in the heather and no deterioration to speak off

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    Try a product called Ranapur.(spelling?)

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