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Thread: Bullet deflection caught within the animal.

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    Bullet deflection caught within the animal.

    Shot this morning by a woman with my 6.5x55
    139gr PPu SP.
    She is stood to my right side, the shot is not the best but a good effort as she is very small and my rifle even though a finlite is a handfull.
    Earlier this morning she shot her first deer in the base of the neck off sticks at 75 m's in a standing crop.
    Again she shot off sticks at 80 m's but had to be quick.

    The buck never got over the fence and by the time I took the rifle and stepped to her right to finish it, it was bled out the liver getting smashed.

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    Was it the angle of the shot that made the deflection? I shot a buck the other night out on the hill, shot was taken up hill, the entry perfectly behind the front leg, exit was a first for me this way, out high on the neck. Beast was dropped on the spot but I did think for a moment that I'd made a very poor shot when I noticed the neck wound.


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    yes bullet separated i think jacket going into guts but stopping in there and core coming out at a steep angle to the ground.

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    John I love watching your videos, do you film every stalk? It's a pity there's not lots of muntjac/fallow up there, for a bit of variety. Keep up the good work.

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    I try if theres time, not all films are showable because wounding or things the sofa snipers will comment on

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    Your a long way from me john, but if I could get a friend to come and have a couple of stalks with me, would love a couple of stalks on the does, or bucks next year. If so I'll pm you for availability. Don't know about the camera though, still suffering from a dose of buck fever, even on muntjac does!

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