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Thread: Meopta r2

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    Meopta r2

    Hi Guys,

    Do you know if theses are available in uk yet? the 2.5-15 looks appealing but cant find any info anywhere?

    Cheers BB

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    Jeez oh that's a hefty price tag for a non illuminated meopta!!!!! Wouldn't mind that price if it was illuminated!! Think I'll just keep looking for s/h z6

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    Hi All
    That is the illuminated price isn't it

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    Indeed the price is with illuminated reticle. It says "mit leuchtabsehen" or " mit leuchtpunkt" . mit = with

    The price is very competitive for what, I think, is a brilliant scope. The old meostars already where top class and these are still better. I am strongly considering one myself.

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    Well that makes a difference if it's illuminated at that price

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