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Thread: Catalytic converter

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    Catalytic converter

    For Mitsubishi L200
    2.5 td
    Year :03
    manual gearbox
    will take a second hand one as long as its not a bag of rust like the one I have on now
    do you have one in your garage guys

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    Hi Norma,

    here is is a link for a de-cat pipe on eBay for you truck but I'm sure any motor factor locally will order you one cheers Neil.

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    I put a de-cat pipe on my l200 much cheaper and has no detrimental effect always flys though the MOT.


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    Does the vehicle have to be remapped after removing cat and fitting straight pipe ?

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    I took the cat of my l200, 57 plate, didn't have to do anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Dhu View Post
    I took the cat of my l200, 57 plate, didn't have to do anything
    Wouldn't advise this without checking.

    The D.O.T. MOT Regulations on Emissions continue to evolve, and have changed on this recently.

    If a catalytic converter was fitted as OE then it has to be present at the MOT.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    I think it depends on the year of manufacture mine is a 55 plate and there is no problem with the MOT.

    Never had to do a remap you don't notice any difference at all.

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    Wow 40 for stainless that's far less painful than 170
    its a no brainer
    thanks for the help

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    I did this to my 2004 Ranger (well, I made up a decat) when pikeys nicked my cat. Never had a problem with emissions but if you get a fussy/observant MoT tester it may fail as the cat needs to be fitted. However, I think it's well worth the risk...I remove the cat on most of my vehicles. You won't need a remap (although you'll probably get more grunt and better fuel economy if you do)

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