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Thread: Blaze orange vest

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    Blaze orange vest

    I'm off to Germany in November for my first boar hunting trip and will need to get blaze orange vest. Any suggestions to a supplier or just a generic online HSE vest?

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    Why not go for something like this
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Have a look at decathlon online - quite into their orange reversible gilet's etc.

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    all you NEED is one of the vests that you keep in your car in case of breakdowns...... After being on a couple of drive hunts here, you'll WANT a set of the highway safety clothes... I wear a full orange coat with reflector tape.... Still had a couple shots overhead and close by.... Ain't nothin in the world that gets the stupid juices flowing like a bunch of hogs running by...

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    as daven says just a standard hi viz orange vest will do. Check that you do not also need an orange hat band as this can be a requirement on some hunts, particularly those run by the forestry in Germany.

    I wouldn't waste any money on expensive 'blaze' clothing. I got an orange hi viz fleece of a mate who got heaps from work which is comfortable enough. If its raining, as it can be in November, the vest over your usual stuff is perfect. That means you can save your money for Frankonia and beer !!

    Regards Mick

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    Go to an industrial supply. They sell orange, yellow and green vests and jackets, with and without reflectors, for construction and shipyard workers.

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    A mate of mine who gets blaze orange sleeveless vests at work gave me one with florescent stripes which I had covered with some gash DPM. Pigs don't have particularly good eyesight but I felt I didn't want anything too reflective. It has worked great on several trips, the secret of success with the pigs is remaining still and silent.

    The jackets 8x57 mentions are fantastic value, bought a couple, one to leave in the truck and another for walking the dogs - going to get its first outing in the rain in about 5 mins. Sportsmangun centre also sell the Deerhunter caps which are reversable camo'green to blaze orange and good to use too.

    Whatever you do - BE SEEN! Chris.

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    If you want to look posh buy a Härkila or Swedteam vest. Plenty of pockets for storeing stuff. I use a Pinewood vest or my Swedteam hiviz jacket for most of my driven hunting.

    As Vigilaire said, BE SEEN.

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    Thanks, pretty much as I thought and useful advice on whether to have reflective strips as well. I've got the Deerhunter hat and will get a cheap over vest.
    I'll make sure I'm seen - a flashing head-worn orange lamp would be overkill perhaps?

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