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    In the passing

    Well the last shoot is over for the season. A few birds around but on the whole a quiet day. Second last drive as interesting. Three roe got caught up in the drive. I was in the trees with the dog as a walking gun. I could not see what the commotion was but I got the call "Shoot it". I thought maybe a fox. Gun ready when this big roe doe came hurtling at me. I had her in front of me going full tilt. I raised the barrels, sidesteped as she came so close I could have touched her. No way on this planet I would put a no6 into a deer.
    Maybe later, with the 243

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    Out of interest, what did the rest of the shoot say because you didn`t take aim?

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    Most agreed with me that it is not the done thing. (including shoot captain i must add) There are always those that would be tempted but must agree even at point blank range no6 is too light. Some of the lads come up from England for the day early to have a crack at the deer. No joy then we saw 7 during the shoot

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    There you go Jimbo always keep a couple of sg in your pocket for such occasions

    Only kidding before the harranging starts you did the right thing mate no.6 be very silly ... if it had been a duck drive ...then... maybe

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