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Thread: 6.5 berger 130gr vld hunting bullets

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    6.5 berger 130gr vld hunting bullets

    Went out for a stalk last night, had a short walk and decided to wait for a fox on the freshly silaged fields, half an hour passed and I caught sight of one on my left, let it get to good position, squeaked, stopped it and squeezed the shot off, he ran off like the wind, I thought I couldn't of missed it,I didn't hear a hit, it did 50 to 60yds then you could see it had been hit,then it went down, if it had made cover before it keeled over and you didnt find it you would of definately thought a miss, fox was hit cock on, it had the smallest exit wound, I know its not a varmint bullet but it should expand more than that,i ranged how far it ran,63yds,130gr vld doing 2980fps should open them up,gonna have to change bullets.
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    I think that looking at the product you might have predicted the result.....


    Hunting Bullets
    The Hunting bullet line is made up of Match Grade bullets with quickly lethal terminal performance. These bullets penetrate through the first 2” to 5” of tissue and bone. Once deep inside the vitals it will shed 40% to 90% of its mass as fragments. This energy dump causes massive hydrostatic shock. This shock and the fragments produce tremendous internal tissue damage. The animal may not drop in its tracks but it can’t go far with this much internal damage. Berger’s match grade approach and sleek designs also make these bullets effectively lethal at close and extended ranges
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Have a try and find some 130 hp sierra's nice bucket hp ( ) #1728 should fill the gap keep the vlds for the range or sell them to ?

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    I use Hornady 129 grain Interlocks in my Swede, they are brilliant on Deer (minimum meat damage) but I think foxes are just too soft and don't get the full effect.

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    I had this issue with the 6.5 130grain bergers. They would not expand reliably enough. If you hit a shoulder bone, or head or neck shot they were ok. It is a shame because I got really good groups when testing this round.

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    suspect a fox is just not wide enough! perhaps try shooting one end to end and see if that helps!!

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    [QUOTE=srvet;792686]suspect a fox is just not wide enough! perhaps try shooting one end to end and see if that helps!![/QUOTEiI will if I tet 5he chance, I may have enuf left for a cof ! Maybe i should try some 95gr v maxs or some 140gr a maxs
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    I thought about the Vmax but just checked the hornady website any they have been temporarily discontinued! The lighter Amax should work ok

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    Inemailed berger and complained about the pass throughs etc and someone f4om berger is going to contact me over the matter lol, looking forward to this
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