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Thread: Powders for 308 150gr

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    Powders for 308 150gr

    I have been loading using Varget with 150gr in .308 for my Rem 700 (heavy barrel). Having changed a few heads and other variables I am having some reasonable success (but think I can do a bit better).

    I would like to try another powder for comparison and experience. I have seen some guys on the forum recommend one of the Vit powders but my local supplier only has it in large tubs over 70 which makes it an expensive experiment!

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    I use 46gr IMR4895 pushing 150gr Nosler partition, shoots loverly.

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    Flick through the old topics and pages on here, plenty of info if you look for it.


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    47-48 grains of BLC 2 always seems to do the trick
    ATB sean

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    Vit 140 has shot well in four .308s that I've loaded for. In fact I don't recall using any other powder in .308. In my opinion it isn't a gamble.



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    140 is very good, also, i've had great results with h4895 with 125gn ballistic tips and 110 gn spire points.

    on the 125's, 48.5 gn n140 gives 2900 fps, 49 gn h4895 gives 3050 fps.

    on the 110's 49 gn h4895 gives 3120 fps and i shot a 1" group the other day at 300y.

    the 125 bt's are a bit on the brutal side for small stuff!

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    Varget for me.

    could not get on with N140 (i feckin tried everything) but i know it must have been me not the powder.

    Varget works well. N140 is similar burn rates etc. and will offer no advantages IMHO.

    H335 is what US military use in 7.62.

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    Most accurate was H335 for me, N140 almost as good. Varget worked for the 165grainers.

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    I always use R12 but since it is no longer available and I shall soon run out will move to N140 or Tubal 3000 both of which I find excellent for the 308 with 150gn

    Tubal is cheaper than other powders and equally as good (on occasions better) so is worth a try now powder prices are rising.

    If you are anywhere near the E Mids email me - as I have a surplus now I am cutting back on shooting and can sell a lb or two at the price I paid of 22 if you wish to try it.

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