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Thread: Found in a Roe

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    Found in a Roe

    This was just sent to me. The worms look like they are under the outer skin of the liver. Don't know if the worms are elsewhere. Any ideas?
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    Dog tape worm?

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    I'm thinking tape worm but without seeing more difficult to tell.

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    Never seen fluke appear like that. Never come across tape worm so will be interested in the verdict.
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    Not tape worm, possible that immature fluke, but they look too big. Did they get cut into?

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    Yes I cut into the liver and no sign off fluke in the pipes but there was a greeny bile liquid came out , we have had two with worms in the wood this year in jan feb all the glands where fine apart from the liver /portal gland was may be a bit larger than normal but only slightly ,the fact that it was noticeable would mean to me that it was not normal ,as they don't normaly stand out .Hope this may help

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    Were there any on around other organs? Heart / lungs? Without seeing in more detail not sure but would have a guess - heart worm from eating infected snails / slugs on wet grass

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    That's all I found pretty sure it was worm .Do deer get rid off worm once they have them ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowler.250 View Post
    Fluke larval tracts I think but hard to tell from pic.
    This would be my guess too... if there was no actual 'worm' when cutting into the white bit it could be the meandering trail/scarring left from the larva moving through the liver before finding a cosy place to settle and mature?

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