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Thread: Savage .17 & zeiss duralyt out of windage

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    Savage .17 & zeiss duralyt out of windage

    Ok a mate has a m at his work and they stumped
    me too now

    thumbhole .17hmr
    zeissm duralyt scope
    warne style mounts

    roughly 110 clicks windage one end to other bore sighted and adjusted as normally would and gets bout 2" from centre working in from right but run out of clicks

    tried 3 different set o mounts and turned em 180 etc but all bore sight cross hair way off to the right
    So three mounts , each turned etc all sighting off & same scale and area

    thinking mounting holes in top of action for bases are off ( swapped bases round etc same same)
    look at holes and seem ok but dunnoe how to check. Them if only thou in it



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    you need windage adjustable mounts mate

    i had the same problem on a savage 110 in 243, gave up trying to suss it out so i bought wingage adjustable rear base and that sorted it

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    Small movement has big impact. Seems common on the Savage. There is some play in the Savage mounts, so you need to push the rear one right and pull the front one left as you tighten them down, which may get you on.

    Or buy windage adjustable mounts......
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    had it on a could get some burris mounts with the windage inserts

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    i had a similar problem with my savage thumbhole HMR, bought Burris signature mounts with the inserts with adjustable MOA's , problem sorted. Not ideal but was my only remedy that i knew, accurate gun though once set up

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    Thank you guys
    I'll pass on info & look for links to move mentioned mounts


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    Leupold ones are what you want.....or acesss to a milling machine and a 45 degree dovetail cutter

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    I've never had this problem with a Savage, but I did have it with a CZ 527, of all things.

    I couldn't get windage-adjustable CZ mounts, so I had to get a rail fitted and then use Millett windage-adjustable mounts. Later, when I switched from a 1" scope to a 30mm I got some Burris Signature Z-Rings for it. Both worked well.
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