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Thread: Poaching Books

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    Poaching Books

    I have a couple of books in German that contain stories about poaching beginning in the 1500's. These are very interesting to read from the perspective of the game being owned by for the most part royalty. Are there any historical books about poaching in the UK?


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    Read this as a kid, I don't have a copy now, but there's one on Ebay! IT'S MY DELIGHT - Vesey-Fitzgerald.


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    " I Walked by Night" edited by Lilias Ryder Haggard & about King of the Norfolk Poachers - Frederick Rolfe - this is a great read

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    The Poacher and The Squire by Charles Chenevix Trench, interesting history of poaching from very early times. A Poachers Tale by Fred J Speakman, A bit stilted but an interesting look at poaching at the beginning of the 20th century.

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    "Pikey's and their Dags 2014" 12th Edition by Michael Falanagan Jr - Illustrated by Cherelle McManus
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    Quote Originally Posted by stratts View Post
    "Pikey's and their Dags 2014" 12th Edition by Michael Falanagan Jr - Illustrated by Cherelle McManus
    Very good!!

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    I take it "Pikey's and their Dagss 2014" is a joke somehow?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    I take it "Pikey's and their Dagss 2014" is a joke somehow?

    yes it is ps rogues and running dogs is a good read.atb doug,

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    If you want to read something that is less a romantic portrayal and more a factual account, then try "The Long Affray" by Harry Hopkins. It tells the story of a battle over two centuries between peasant and landowner and the establishment of the game laws.
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    "The Poacher's Handbook" by Ian Niall (pub. 1950).
    Also "I Walked by Night" as mentioned above. Both good reads.
    Also edited by Lilias Rider-Haggard is "The Rabbit Skin Cap". Not about poaching specifically, but quite a bit of poaching in it.
    Also "A Poacher's Tale" - the story of Alfred Curtis, as recounted by Fred Speakman.

    There's plenty more - that's just a few I can spot easily on the shelf in front of me as I type...

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