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Thread: Err, right, OK

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    Err, right, OK

    This was said to me in a bakers shop in The Portabello Rd last week. , while working in Ladbroke Grove.

    My son and myself went in there to get some coffee and doughnuts, (they have a coffee making machine) we asked for 2 white coffees and a bag of doughnuts.
    The woman said I can't give you 2 white coffee's, but I can give you 2 black coffee's with milk, .

    It seems like the machine had run out of milk and milk had to be added manually.
    Anybody else had things like this said to them.


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    Yes we had that before Fran asked for a normal white coffee, wel I can't do that but you can have an americano and put milk in yourself

    Grief what do they teach these kids at school certainly not common sense

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    Are there some racial overtones there somewhere, or am I just paranoid?

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    Just paranoid.


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    I get similar when I ask for a "coffee with milk" at some places. They'll ask again, I'll say "coffee with milk" and they say "OK one Latte" (or some other stupid name the establishment uses for a coffee with milk!

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    I know what you mean even though I don't drink coffee perhaps you should try asking for:-

    Cafe au lait

    They might know what it means but there again seeing as how most of them ain't got two happence worth of common sense I doubt it

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    We had 2 wheels stolen off our car one night and when my wife phoned the insurance up the girl on the other end said "Can you not put the spare on it and drive it to a garage?". To which she replied " It doesn't have a spare, but even if it did I would still only have 3 wheels wouldn't I!" The line went quiet for a while

    Have you ever tried to get a cup of tea in some of these Starbucks type places? These people dont know how to make one without putting half a pint of milk in and showing it a tea bag!
    It's all you coffee drinkers that are sending this country to the dogs I tell ya!

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    Putting the milk in first should be a punishable offense !


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm
    Putting the milk in first should be a punishable offense !

    For coffee perhaps, but not for tea.

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    Tea bag and water first then sugar then milk,that's unless you're posh and you make a pot and use china cups,a tea bag wont brew properly if you put anything else in first all to do with osmosis don't you know

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