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Thread: Boyd stocks for tikka

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    Boyd stocks for tikka

    I have a t 3 hunter that is right handed however I shoot from my left shoulder
    i love the gun however would like a neutral laminate stock for her

    Has anyone got any experience of Boyd's stocks, and if so are the neutral cast?


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    I have never even seen one on a Tikka T3, but I have seen plenty of them on other rifles. Some of them are near final dimension, and others are oversized everywhere, so you have room to remove material to your fit and taste. They were all neutral cast, but straight in line with the bore.

    I would be curious as to the final weight of a T3, without scope, in a Boyds or any aftermarket stock, just for comparison.

    The Bell & Carlson stock weighs 35 ounces.
    The Tikka T3 stock weighs 28 ounces.

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    Hi if it's a left-handed stock from boyds you are after don't think you will get one as it is over the $100 Mark and they will not send to the UK

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