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Thread: brownells whitening compound

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    brownells whitening compound

    desperately trying to remove oil from a heavily soaked shotgun stock and I am trying to source some of this or similar


    can't find what it's constituent parts are to even make something similar

    does anyone know of alternative compounds
    It has been soaked in various things, heated and am running out of options here

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    Hot vapour de-greasing tank is the answer.
    As wood doesn't warm up like steel lots of short dips are needed.
    It will strip all the oil and dirt from the worst of stocks.


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    what kind of vapour?
    how do you dip in vapour?

    its been dipped in a variety of alcohols (hot and cold) and despite being clean the wood is deeply soaked in oil

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    Well it used to be Trichlorethylene, now it will be whatever the health and safety people have passed as safe.
    It is heated in a special tank to boiling point, the vapour lifts up in the tank, which is where you hold the stock
    and when it reaches the top it cools and falls back down to be re-heated.
    For your use you need to find a friendly engineering shop who has a setup you can have a go with.


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    Yes TCE is now something else!

    the stuff I am after is mixed with TCE
    I think it is mostly Lime (calcium Carbonate)
    acts as a wicking agent to the TCE and draws the oil out in a oner

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    Years ago a home solution (no pun intended) was to use one of the spray oven cleaners. Took multiple applications but it did the trick. I haven't had a need in many years but don't know why it wouldn't still work.


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    Rhubarb juice is best!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshwarrior View Post
    Rhubarb juice is best!!!
    I have a wild overgrown plot of the toxic stuff I can't bring myself to eat!

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    Rhubarb contains oxalic acid which is a very good stain remover. We use it in the boat restoration world where you have black staining from water or rusting bolts under Neath varnish. It works very well especially on oak. Ed, I can let you have some, indeed you can come and practice on the boats cabin roof.

    I have also used good old fashioned fairy liquid plus hot water. Yes it raises the grain, but you are refinishing the stick any how.

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