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Thread: Which one is your 'wifle' ?

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    Which one is your 'wifle' ?

    Just a bit of fun. Which one in your safe is your wifle? This is the rifle which you would spend the rest of your life with. The one you reach for; would happily lie in bed and cuddle up to. The one that 'they' would have to prise out of your cold dead hands.

    For me it is my Sauer 202 Outback, but I have to admit that my Sako 85 Stainless Hunter Laminate is the dirty young mistress that I steal away for an illicit night with.

    It might be that you haven't been paired with your wifle yet and you cry your way through the night pining for her. I am pretty much settled, but in the event of a divorce, I could see myself with a nice Heym.


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    .222 BRNO Fox Mod 2 - its grown on me....

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    Still pretending to be a teenager-Anschutz 1710 with barrel shortened to 16" and screw cut.

    I like my wifle to be like my wife-not too big, heavy or powerfull and plenty of fun.......I only wish my shot count on both was the same!
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    I have two (should have been a Mormon ) my ruger 77/22aw and my marlin 336 in 3030, pushed it would have to be the ruger.

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    My husqvarna .243, my first centrefire, bought on a budget and never, ever regretted. That wifle has taught me a lot! Just don't have that love for my other rifle.

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    My tikka M690 30.-06.

    It's been around the world with me and never let me down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    You look like summit out of the Soviet Union
    regards pete

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    Appreciate a nice bit of wood but it ends there. It's just a working tool to me I'm afraid. Each to their own though.

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