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Thread: Do you shoot a .22LR? and if so, do you practice with it?

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    Do you shoot a .22LR? and if so, do you practice with it?

    Today I put a Nikon 4X on my ancient Brno bolt gun aft having used the rifle for a few months with iron sights. (I like the Nikon quite a bit but the Millet "Angle-Loc" rings are dogs. Don't waste your money!) I sighted in during a blizzard and was again astounded how well this 57 year old rifle shot.

    Despite the blowing snow piling up against the Jeep, I stayed and practiced off hand as is my custom and again wondered how many other hunters have a practice regimine they follow and in this case, what they shoot. Mine is a Brno #2. I've had it for 29 years as of next September.~Muir

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    I love shooting my CZ .22lr. My only gripe is the overly long barrel but it shoots like dream with Winchester subs and as I found out the other day it fires HV's bang on at 100yds when zeroed at 50 for subsonics Who needs an HMR eh!

    My first rifle

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    Brno / CZ .22 rifles go on for ever, I don't think it is possible to wear one out. I too enjoy shooting mine on the range both offhand and from sticks in various positions, just to keep my hand in. Good cheap practise and lots of fun.

    Friends have bought Sako and Anchutz .22 rifles and very nice they are, but they don't shoot any better than my CZ.

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    I love .22rf. First memories of shooting one was out at friends farm in the then Rhodesia during the early 1970's. Then as school boy was in the cadets - quickly got myself promoted to range sgt, so spent every Monday afternoon in the school range shooting either No 8s - the lee enfield lined with a 22 rf barrel, or Martini actioned cadet rifles, or one of the three Martini International full target rifles.

    As a teenager spent quite a bit of time back in Zimbabwe on the firends farm - dispatched down to the maize (mealie) fields with the old Brno .22 with instructions to shoot some of the baboons to scare them away - and yes was told 22rf more than adequate for baboons - but just get close. Never got close enough for a shot, but did take some comfort from the ten round magazine - baboons can look pretty big to a young teenager.

    Now I have an old Brno Mod 2, that I bought 15 years ago - has quite heavily customised. Previous owner had put a ball detent in the bolt handle so that handle remains closed. I have built a full size stock for it, and the barrel has been cut back for the moderator. It now feels and balances like a stalking rifle and paractice with it whenver have the opportunity.

    It shoots very well with RWS or Eley ammo, but it costantly jams with Winchesters, and with Remington ammo, gets lots of blow back.

    Only downside is that its bolt handle is on the wrong side (am a left hander), but doesn't really seem to matter. Toyed with the idea of changing for one of the new left handed CZs, but can't really bring myself to do so.

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    Ahhhh yes as a matter of fact I do shoot the .22 L/R and I happen to also have a Brno Model 2 of 1965 vintage:-

    Since these photos were taken I have put on the Meopta Prepov 3x scope in it's Brno mount on the rifle.

    My bunny basher is older, it's a BSA Supersport Five that the barrel has been cut back to 16 1/2" and threaded for a sound moderator:-

    It now has a Nikko Sterling Platinum 4x40 in place of the 4x32 ASI in the photo as the ASI is on a BSA Meteor Std .177 now.

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    CZ452 with the barrel chopped to 16" and a mod on the end. Brilliant off hand/sticks and accurate and cheap to keep my eye in and provides all my rabbits other than dog caught ones/air rifle and shotgun - the majority is using the rimfire [laziness on my behalf, not needing to stalk as close as with the air rifle]
    hope to get my hmr tomorrow so will see what the diference is!! other than the price of ammo as i have found out in the past week!!

    love my CZ .22lr though and no intentions of ever getting rid!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mickthebrick
    I love shooting my CZ .22lr. My only gripe is the overly long barrel

    Mick get the barrel cut and recrowned, had my CZ done,no loss in accuracy and easier to handle,especially shooting rabbits from truck



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    I forgot to add why I love that Brno of mine...

    This is Wolf Match at 100 yards

    This is the same distance using Aguila 40 Grain HV; a very fine and accurate cartridge.

    Both groups were shot on the same day with a 4X Weaver on board.~Muir

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    Cover your eyes Muir!

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    22 cz barrel shortening

    how much does it cost to shorten the barrel and have it re-crowned?

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