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    My Musgrave

    Hi All,

    I bought a Musgrave 243 a few months back. Itís built on a Mauser K98 action and I donít know the date of it yet I. I picked it up with the 8 x 56 docter scope for £450. Iíve done a lot of work to improve it so far and am after a few pointers for the other stuff Iím planning on doing which is mostly aesthetic. Firstly here is a summary of what Iíve done to get it shooting straight which some may find interesting.

    When I got the rifle it grouped badly and also didnít hold itís bad group from day to day. The forend part of the stock was in contact with the barrel and although the action was well fitted to the stock, on tightening the action screws, it bent the wood and action as the screws were tightened down leading to different pressures of wood to barrel and stresses in the action area depending on how tightly the action screws were done up. To solve this, I initially relieved the wood around the barrel by wrapping sand paper around plastic electrical conduit and removing wood until it no longer contacted the barrel. This didnít really work however as the forend was left pretty flexible and still contacted the barrel depending on how it was held etc.

    The next thing was to stabilise the forend. This was done by milling out a slot along the length of the forend and epoxying a steel rod in. Disappointingly the rifle was still grouping badly and after a lot of head scratching I decided it was down to the way the action and wood was still flexing as the action screws were tightened. I decided the action needed a solid foundation so set about researching pillar bedding. After a few weeks of trawling mostly American sites for instructions I figured out how I wanted to do it and ordered up my JB weld and kiwi boot polish and had another friend turn up some aluminium pillars for me to the required dimensions and installed the pillars and bed the action. Prior to test firing I had the barrel shortened and screw cut for a moderator.

    The rifle now groups very well, and holds its zero after being removed from stock for cleaning and stuff so am very happy with it. The next thing then is some aesthetic improvements and sorting out the safety catch which Iíd like some input on:

    1. Iím thinking of putting an ebony forend tip and grip cap on it. Can anyone advise of a mailorder place that sells top quality blocks?
    2. I need to replace the butt pad. The current one looks nice I think but is degraded rubber and wants replacing. Any thoughts on what would look good? Quite fancy a ventilated rubber one I think but does anyone know anywhere that has a decent selection of pads to look at or recommend a decent one theyíve bought on line?
    3. Iíve been thinking about getting some forend chequering done and the existing grip checkering tarted up. Any thoughts on whether it would suit the rifle, or what it might cost?
    4. I need to sort the safety catch out because itís very noisy to release and awkward to release with the one hand. I.e. I have to reach over with my left hand to release the thing. I was thinking of getting a timney-beuhler type one ordered from the states and fitting it. Has anyone had any experience of fitting /using one of these?

    Before Attachment 42378 After Attachment 42379

    Ay ideas appreciated. All the best and thanks for looking.

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    Sadly you rifles poor performance was all probably due to ill-informed treatment before you bought ti and was possibly why it was sold. I nearly bought a new Musgrave many years ago and a close friend did buy a nice on in .308 that shot superbly well from the outset. Musgrave had a good name and I really do feel that some ones attempt to improve it in the past has caused you the problem.

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