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Thread: Lightweight stalking moderator

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    Lightweight stalking moderator

    Hi All

    We are probably better known for our S Series all stainless moderators which at 440g are a little heavy for most of you picky stalking types, however we now have a range of lightweight strippable mods weighing in at 240g.

    These mods are aluminium bodied and complete with a stainless steel blast baffle and replaceable anodised aluminium baffles.
    Price is nominally 250

    If you would like any further info please contact me on or message me on here.



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    What's the noise reduction like?

    I was looking for a mod until last week!

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    Not seen the new version, but from experience of the standard of work from Colin, I'd imagine these are first quality items.

    Declared link between us as per Kelso last year.

    But high quality producers deserve a shout.
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    Colin anychance of some more detailed pics

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    This looks promising I'm looking for a mod for 3006.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuck View Post
    Colin anychance of some more detailed pics
    I too would like to see further details, already have a S 5, T 4, and American mate looking for a mod. deerwarden

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