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Thread: dog insurance question

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    dog insurance question

    My free insurance for my pup ran out yesterday and I am looking to sort out a new policy today or tomorrow morning at the latest.

    I thought AXA seemed good as they have a good reputation, were well priced and had a lifetime condition cover which I am looking to have in place.

    I phoned up to ask if there were any conditions to the policy and the only one seemed to be that they did not cover anything pregnancy related. Now I am not at present looking to breed my bitch however I wondered if this is a common thing or just specific to AXA.

    Any knowledge of this?


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    no insurance that i know of cover pregnancy related conditions because there was so many variables in it they could no longer cover it
    .as a breeder we recommend pet plan insurance because most insurance companies cover the dog for life conditions but the level of cover diminishes of the the length of the claim you have a fresh claim limit every year with pet plan also if the dog has a problem with it say a luxating patella and the dog has the opp with most insurance companies the leg is no longer covered" i know this from experience" no bloody good if it goes again like it did with one of mine.were as with pet plan you get ant condition cover A part from pregnancy all the time

    i am not a pet plan rep but it is one of the best
    I'm told tesco's is good if you only have one dog but i have been told that they have rejected work related claims saying that it is pet cover not working dog.
    hope this helps

    all the best ash

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    Most insurance cover you buy over the internet or the phone, do not cover working dogs or some types of working , NFU (you have to contact your local office)do but will only cover the purchase value of the dog, so if 3 years down the line, you have a fully trained dog that would cost you a lot more to replace, they will only cover what you paid.

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    Re: Insurance

    Cheers folks, I have gone with AXA in the end. I checked with them and the only working dogs they do not cover are racing greyhounds and whippets so that was fine.

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    it's nineteen pound and something pence a month.
    Covers conditions for life not just a year which is what i was after

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