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Thread: Deben Tri-Star Pro with red filter and Lithium Battery, AIM Cheek bag

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    Deben Tri-Star Pro with red filter and Lithium Battery, AIM Cheek bag

    Deben Tri-Star Pro LED lamp with remote switch/dimmer with generic Lithium battery still in box

    Red flip up filter, 25mm snap on scope clamp (lamp itself will attach to any weaver style scope mount inverted on scope tube)
    Comes with mains and cigarette lighter socket chargers

    This lamp has been modified as follows:
    - Stronger connection to internal circuit board
    - Improved cable retainer to casing
    - New outer casing (to repair the above the original is cut off)
    see here: Gutting - Deben TriStar failure
    - Filter hinge wired into place (incredibly flimsy piece got knocked off by a strong breeze!)
    - Neodynium magnets in remote switch housing. (mated to corresponding magnets on forestock or any ferrous metal, bipod etc))

    This set up has accounted for many foxes and rabbits and will happily light up foxes/rabbits out to 200+yds (white) and 150yds (red)
    Deben claim 300yds but I don't shoot that far in the dark and think it is probably ambitious
    Dimmer goes right down to next to zero light which is perfect for flighty lamp shy animals.
    Using an AIM cheekpeice bag for the battery the entire unit is mounted to rifle, no battery in pocket/belt issues. put rifle down without connections.
    (AIM bag for sale seperately 20)
    I also have a black aluminium shade that I used when I got glare on a moderator (yours for free)

    no idea how long the battery lasts, It is not a high output one for a Halogen/filament bulb, but LEDs have a very low current draw
    I use a NV spotter and don't scan with this, (apart from the fact it is attached to the rifle),
    I did use it to light the tent when camping once and it lasted for several hours or however long it took two of use to drink the bottle of whisky!

    Light system alone retails at 180 with Deben battery (no clips, filters, bag etc) | Tracer Tri-Star Pro VP
    Deben Tracer Tri-star pro lamp and lithium battery
    (note flimsy clip rectified)
    Additional colour filters available:
    Tracer Tri-Star Flip-Up Filters |

    75 posted for light and battery, filter, scope mount/clip posted
    20 AIM Cheekpiece bag posted
    90 the lot posted

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    hi would you swap for tub of n 160

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    Hi, thanks for all the PM's
    all replied to

    NOW SOLD pending usual

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