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Thread: Advice needed on powder measuring

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    Advice needed on powder measuring

    Hi just got into reloading .223 just wondered if anyone could give any advice on either a powder measurer or powder measuring scales.
    cheers dave.

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    The questions to your question is how much, quantity that is, will you be reloading?

    How much do you want to spend?

    How involved in hand loading do you wish to get?

    The answers to these question vary hugely in involvement and cost.

    IMHO avoid the cheap digital scales.

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    I will be reloading approx 200 a month. It's more a question of do I get a powder measurer or something like a lyman gen 5 as I only have 1 Centrefire at the moment.

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    What are you reloading for, stalking/pest control or target use? A powder measurer won't be accurate enough for decent target ammo in my view. I have a precision powder measure, but I still weigh every charge and you'd be surprised how different every throw is. Even with a micrometer adjuster I get between .1 and .5 grains fluctuation.

    I throw a charge from the powder measure, weigh it and use a powder trickler to get it exact.

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    give us a bell if you wnat q chat or any help/info
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    harrel precision powder thrower, denver instruments lab balance..... you won't get any more accurate imho.

    really depends what you want to load for and how accurate you want to go.....

    if you're not shooting beyond 300 yards, i wouldn't stress over .3 variance in a .223 case
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    If you only want to load a few at a time, say a maximum of twenty to fifty, then you can do it for very little outlay. A set of good powder scales (that is essential) and a set of Lee's yellow plastic measuring scoops plus a lid off a large aerosol tin as the dish in which the powder is scooped from.

    Find a loading that is acceptable with the Lee pipes OR find a pipe just short of an acceptable loading and then put that into the powder scale pan and "tap" the few extra grains to get the correct weight from a few extra that you have scooped up with the now empty scoop. This is the route taken by AJ but without the outlay on the powder measure or the trickler.

    For some types of powder a powder measure will be consistent enough for hunting from throw to throw BUT always do weigh every tenth load just as a safety check.


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    I'm loading about a 100 at a time. Using n140 and 55gr vmax. Using a set of lyman 1500 scales, just finding the process abit slow. Don't know whether to get a powder measurer or a lyman gen 6 or something like that to speed the process up.

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    Buy a Targetmaster and a set of tuned beam scales from Allan aka 1066.

    It works, it's VERY accurate, it's quick if you use something like a Lee Dipper to give a 'nearly' charge - the next charge will be waiting when you've seated the bullet in the previous case, it's made in England, it works out cheaper than the electronic combinations.

    Do a search on here for info. or Google it...



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    Start with a good beam scale such as an RCBS 505 or 1010, get a Targetmaster trickler and a set of lee dippers. Have a look on YouTube for 1967 spuds video on the Targetmaster. Great bit of kit.

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