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    tikka t3

    Anybody had problems with plastic trigger guard on these rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULT View Post
    Anybody had problems with plastic trigger guard on these rifles
    No, what sort of problems?

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    No, what's happened?

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    Nothing happened just wanted to know if there any weakness in them

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    nope t3 is a good gun all off it

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    For a plastic piece they are extremely well made. We have a few T3's coming and going and none have had a problem with that part so far. Heard of one case of a mag giving up.

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    The T3 is bomb-proof! I have a 308, Synthetic Varmint with customized black barrel, Atec Mod & Bibod. I have shot my one for 8 years (shot 100’s of Roe with it), and have dragged it through bushes & trees, smacked it off walls and even drove over it once by mistake with my car. It still shoots perfectly every time. I have two teeny issues with it though (1) The varmint barrel is pretty heavy, and after a long day shooting / walking you really wish you had bought the standard or the light barrel (2) It doesn’t always load a bullet easily (sometimes jams) if you are lying-down / horizontal and move the bolt slowly. Standing-up with the barrel down and loading fast or slow – no probs, Lying-down / horizontal and quick (and noisy!) loading – no probs. As mentioned, they are two teeny issues. Basically it is tremendous value and has amazing accuracy for a factory made rifle.

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    Brilliant Rifle, i have the synthetic T3 lite, been everywhere with it, up and doon the hills and even in the stream, i slipped on a stone crossing an 18" deep part of the water and fell forward into the water an rolled over the rifle and at 19stone i thought $hit but my mates dad (retired rfd) gave it a check and it was ok so for me i think i won a watch with this T3

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