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Thread: Zeiss Diatal 7x50 illuminated reticle

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    Zeiss Diatal 7x50 illuminated reticle

    I'm thinking of selling my scope which has seen very little use, still have the box and papers and spare battery even. Pretty immaculate, reticle 60.
    Currently on my .22 CZ, but was on my Sako 22.250. (Supported by Optiloks)
    I've no idea what a fixed mag scope like this would fetch realistically.
    Any ideas guys?
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    i had one a few years ago, really regret selling it, i think 550 minimum

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    These are great scopes - my hunting rifle has one, simple, effective, it is all you ever need for UK stalking IMHO. I reckon put it on for 550 and see. I paid about 500 for mine used a year or so back. I'd buy yours except I am broke presently....would go on my CZ.
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    Another thumbs up for this scope. I bought one a couple of years ago and best all round stalking scope if you ask me no messing around great illumination it has accounted for plenty of deer. 550 sounds a fair price a great value vs. What else is out there.

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