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Thread: Scope advice please

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    Scope advice please

    Can you guys advise on a scope for a CZ 455 .22. Varmint using RWS sub sonics please?
    I normally take rabbit at about 25 metres, but want to be able to dial in other distances up to 100m. I'm not brilliant at estimating holdover, and want a fairly foolproof way of accurate head shots. What sort of reticle?
    Not looking for the cheapest option. Cheers.

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    Hawke sidewinders are good quality rimmy scopes and the parallax will go down to 10 yards for close shots and the have tactile turrets is u want to dial in. If you want to go up in price u can get the bushnell 6500 with tac turrets a lot of other scopes minimum focus is 50 yards. I've got a Burris 4.5-14 and it's a good rimmy scope with ballistic plex but the min parallax is 50 yards so if I'm practicing on full mag at 25 yards it's all fuzzy

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    I had the same problem re longer range rabbits and got one of these...

    Hawke Sidewinder 30 4-16x50 (SR6) [HK4008]

    It works well out to 100. You can get the trajectory / reticle figures from the Hawke brc website.
    They come up s/hand sometimes, I got mine from a guy on the uk varmint site for a good price,mint in case.
    Mine has the sr12 reticle..easy to use..much better than the mildot I think.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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